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We create inspiring digital art prints with Data Science as our overall theme. These include statistical concepts, inspirational quotes, and also customizable data visualization prints.

You may purchase these digital prints and download them instantly. You will get a high-resolution image.

Please check the individual sizes for each digital print.

You can print your digital print as a poster at your local print shop, at home or online. For best results, use a professional printer, inks and paper or take it to your local print shop (Staples, Costco or Walmart).

Check out our DataViz Sketchbook

Sketch ideas for your next data science or visualization project; explore available plots and chart types for your inspiration; never forget an idea.

This book was created by data scientiest for data scientiest; a book that we are using for our projects.

With this journal you get 110 pages in a hard-cover. It contains an overview of useful graph types and a structure which one to use, 14 graph examples, and over 85 pages sketch templates for your own data science sketches.

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I am an artist, a data scientist, and a consultant. I love to visualize data, and I am happy to do some of it during my daily work. However, there is no time to make charts that are beautiful in my professional projects most of the time. Hence, I would like to share my personal work here on Etsy.

As a data scientist, I use R and python to program my data visualizations. I love to use ggplot2 when programming in R and Altair in python. Once I have my basic data visualization, I switch to Affinity Designer (similar to Adobe Illustrator) to finalize my print.

I often add a textured background, add text with different fonts, and remove anything that I would like to exclude from my prints.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions. I would love to hear from you.

Have a great day!

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